Speaking many languages (English, Spanish, German…) – the best education?

Did you know, there are approximately 6,500 spoken languages in the world! ( not dialects ). By learning a new language, you are able to exponentially increase the number of people you are able to efficiently communicate with. Here are eight reasons to learn a new language:

1. It improves your job chances. Being bilingual or multi-lingual is a unique and impressive trait that employers desire highly. If you can communicate with more customers than other applicants, your chances of being hired are dramatically higher.

2. You will be able to learn and appreciate other cultures. One of the keys to learning a new language is to also understand the culture of the individuals who speak that language. A culture’s history likely played an important part in shaping its language and you will be more knowledgeable once finished.

3. You will be able to travel easier. Try and learn a language of a place you would like to visit or live. In doing so, you have a clear goal in your mind and incentive to reach that goal. Once you visit the location of your choice, your ability to communicate in the native tongue will make your stay more enjoyable. Spanish is particularly useful for travelling as it opens up the whole of South America, including countries such as Costa Rica. See IPED Costa Rican spanish programmes here. Or check their Facebook page here.

At wikipedia you can take spanish lesson, check it out.


4. Learning a new language opens up academic paths for you. There are many college degrees that require proficiency in at least one foreign language to graduate. By learning a new foreign language, you are also allowing yourself additional degree options for your academic career.

5. You will be able to compete with younger generations. Because of technological advancements and an increasing number of internet tools to teach foreign languages, such as Rosetta Stone and Duolingo, it is easier to learn a new language on the internet. This is being done by a sizable amount of people in their teens and twenties.

6. You will impress your significant other. There is nothing sexier than being told you are beautiful or handsome in a foreign language. Whenever you want to impress your significant other, surprise him or her by showering them with compliments in a new language.

7. Your proficiency in your native language will also improve. In learning a new language, you are also studying linguistics itself. By observing and practicing the rules of another language, you will also be able to better understand and improve upon your native tongue.

8. You can watch foreign movies and television. There are thousands of television shows and movies that are amazing. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier, many aren’t able to appreciate them.

Don’t forget about the vocabulary! Did you know that you need to know only 400 words to speak English fluently? Here the 400 words for Spanish: